Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Meeting "Like a Rock Star" (or Minnie Pearl depending on who you are)

Well I think Barb did it. The most memorable Calender Girls meeting I've been to. (I know I didn't go to the airport field-trip so I can't compare)...but for those who missed today, we are truly sorry. It was so much fun!

Even climbing into the limo was interesting for this geriatric bunch. Some of us had to get creative with our bad hips & knees, & scoot or crawl when necessary, but we all made it.

We surprised Carol by picking her up at her door in the Limo (an impressive feat on her short dead end street). Next to carol below is her friend Debi from Washington/Arizona- (snowbird), via Mexico. It was a brisk 18 degrees, but she was a good sport & enjoyed our madcap crowd.

Mary G. brought daughter Liz along to take photos, which she did, a lot, but you know me- Deb the paparazzi quilter! Had to get my shots in!

Carol never stopped smiling. 

We stopped at Beluga Point for photos .

..then continued on south to Girdwood.

The mirrored ceiling in the Limo. made for some interesting shots.

We took a potty break at the Bakery in Girdwood. Carol commented that this was the one good thing about being on dialysis, she didn't have to get out of the car to go to the ladies room.  Of course since we used the Bakery restrooms, we also had to buy some stuff! Liz got us a couple of the famous cinnamon rolls, carrot cake & banana bread, along with paper plates & forks, then cut them up, & we had them for dessert after Barb"s wonderful picnic lunch.
She crafted cute bags with stamped images, & pretty trims & toothpick name tags for each of us. We had good sandwiches & celery & carrot sticks with peanut butter dip. There were pistachios, chocolates, carrot-cake flavored M&Ms (strange but good), & lemon flavored almonds. Cup cakes that looked like tie-dye & the bakery goodies. Ahh you should've been there.

On the way back to town we stretched our legs again at Potter Marsh, for a last photo opportunity. Mister Bill was a great driver, & watch out Carl, he looked pretty cute holding Carol up!

We were thinking of you Margaret, Mona, Pam, Cathy, & Jean!

I will post more pictures when Liz, Betty, Jackie & anyone else that took some, sends them to me.
Cheers to all my sisters, love, Deb

March Meeting -Sock monkey Carol

Because of Carol's immune system being suppressed Mary G thought she should wear a mask, but the group wanted to see here smile. So here is Carol ar Jackie's house in March- I suggested that the mask made her look like a sock monkey, & Carol in the spirit of the trooper that she is laughed just as hard as everyone else. God bless her!