Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hello from Surprise, Arizona

Happy first day of November!! Just wanted to share what I found about a mile away from where we live, out in the middle of nowhere, there are several acres of this metal art that I find to be beautifully executed works of art. The fellow (whose name escapes me now) lives just west of this place on 40 acres that looks like something out of Jurassic Park, with all its lush foliage. It is totally unexpected. Next time I venture over that way I will take some pictures to share and also tell you what his name is. He has done some fabulous work in public places over the years. I miss you all (but not the weather) and look forward to seeing news of what you're doing each month either via the ALCQ website or on this blog, or the group emails after a CG meeting! You're always on my mind and in my heart!!

Good morning from the sun peering through the branches of trees on my patio.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Playing Telephone & Shave Cream Marbeling

 First of all, I must say I'm sorry for being so slow on getting this posted & also for not planning my vacation better, since I missed our October meeting! Here finally is a brief recap of some of the fun we had at Kate's house in September!

Jackie shared the finished product of her Round Robin from.. was it 2 years ago?  Good job Jackie!

Out round of playing telephone for the past year was finally completed by 10 of our members & here are the results:

The original art work from a magazine: (I need your help Mary G. Who is the artist? I will edit this when you let me know).
Mary G's piece was very true to the original....

Deb got the message that "Time Flies", but colors & images got switched a bit.

Jackie went in an entirely different color direction, getting the box of memories...

Jan's box of memories held gun names (due to her memories of her husband & his gun club),
colors stayed true to what Jackie started...

Mary L. stuck with the same colors, & carried the names of different guns in her box.....

& Rena ended up thinking we had all lost our minds... Making a coffin & rifles with a wild west theme....(I'm still laughing out loud)....

Margaret remembered browns, western theme, & saw petroglyphs....

Betty B (I think, please someone correct me if I'm wrong) saw rocks & animals,

Mary B remembered Rocks & birds...

& Kate rocks & water & birds. Colors came back around to close to the original & at least we ended up with the idea of flight in the final piece, but the whole thing was almost a flight of ideas!!!

Here the all are in order on the wall together. What a blast!

 Kate severed lovely salads & pot pie, & birthday cake for Jean F. who came up to visit from Oregon.

When we were done eating we went downstairs to play with shaving cream. Some of us more than others:~)

We all made a messy fun time of it, 

This last shot is what Deb had after all of the shave cream had been washed off.

Thanks again Kate for hosting such a fine day!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day in The Garden

The July meeting of Calendar Girls was hosted by Mary Gerkin at the Alaska Botanical Garden. It was a perfect day! Mary brought a picnic lunch & before lunch we did a stroll through the gardens. A few members didn't make it, but Jan brought a guest, Joann who is visiting right now.

After lunch there was a little show & tell.

We even made it on the ABG facebook page, posing for a group photo. Thank you Mary G for a great day!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Calendar Girl's Christmas

Yesterday we said our farewells to Carol. The service was lovely, & we will miss her. I feel like a piece of my heart has gone to Heaven with her.

I thought I should post a few pictures from our Christmas, for those of you who couldn't come. We still miss you Pam & Jean, & we were sorry Carol, Margaret, & Cathy couldn't come. Mary G brought her Laser Touch One & used it on a muscle Dean was being bothered by, while the rest of us enjoyed the show at Dean's expense. He didn't seem much bothered by it though.

Mary was having a muscle spasm too, so I worked on it for her a couple of times during the party. We really have a variety of therapies that we help each other with.

Betty fed us a lovely lunch & we had a nice time, but it was a little quieter than usual, due to our missing sisters.

Rachel the cat showed up for a brief greeting.

Wishing us all a brighter, blessed New Year.