Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eleanor Levie workshop

Looks like Mary enjoyed the class!!

Barb's June Journal


Wahoo!! I finally figured out why I couldn't post! (Helps to use the right email address apparently!).  Now, perhaps I will drag out my notes from the last couple meetings and post them. Seriously, I can't think when it's too hot inside the house. Maybe I just need to go outside??

Anyway, just a few comments about my June inspiration for the word 'encouragement'. Thinking about who would need some encouragement wasn't difficult after the disastrous fire in Arizona claimed the lives of 19 firefighters near Yarnell, Arizona.  My journal pieces are going to be smaller in size. I embroidered a block with Arizona and a cactus, then embellished the cactus with 19 Swarovski crystals. The block is actually a pocket as well, that contains the names and ages of the firefighters.

If Wishes Wore Wings, these wishes would wing their way to the hearts of each affected family and friend of these heroes who gave their lives.

Now, to figure out how to get the picture posted is my next challenge! Stay tuned!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jackie's June Journal

 My 1st journal was a day when Gene (long before we were married) talked me into skiing down and expert slope (I was a beginner skier) His constant comment "You can do it" irritated me but I did do it--and I have trusted him ever since when he tells me I can do something that I don't think I can. Now to figure out poetry.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


What an appropriate word for the first challenge.  This challenge encouraged me to make a commitment to try to make something each month as quilting has just about been nonexistent the past year.  What I have done has been very frustrating and even my machine was against me.  I cut up a couple of projects and promptly threw them in the deepest part of dumpster so I would not be tempted to retrieve them.  Normally, I enjoy cutting and repiecing but I do not think those projects were meant to be.

Building the house has taken most of our time and energy.  When the challenge was issued I was busy painting all the walls/ceilings with three coats of paint so I decided that my first Journal page would reflect my current activity…PAINT. I had some batting samples from the May guild meeting and my first attempt for Rena’s President quilt block which did not have enough contrast.

I painted two of the batting samples and got two different results.  One is muted and has more of a felt look.  I had seen where someone had painted a quilt top because they did not like the colors.  I cut the block in half and painted one side on the front, the other on the back.  I really like the texture of the back side.  A friend always said, we own both sides of the fabric and I assume that goes for quilt blocks as well.  I do wish I had used a small foam roller and just hit the high spots.  Something to try next time!

I have decided that my Journal pages will be 8.5 X 11 and I would mount the month’s project within that space.  I suspect most of my pages will be unfinished objects as I hope to use this challenge as a collection of ideas or techniques to further explore.

Thank you for including me in this challenge.  I look forward to seeing a great variety of projects.